How To Play Pai Gow Poker 2022

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker or double-hand poker is an Americanised model of the basic Pai Gow recreation performed in China for a lot of centuries. The normal Pai Gow, nonetheless, just isn’t a card-based recreation however is performed utilizing 32 dominoes. The poker model of this recreation is performed utilizing a 52 card deck plus a joker. The numerous distinction between Pai Gow poker vs. common poker is the taking part in construction. Whereas most gamers compete in opposition to one another on the on line casino ground, this recreation forces gamers to compete in opposition to the supplier. Every desk can have a number of gamers, however their outcomes don’t have an effect on the profitable or shedding of your hand. The sport might be very tough to grasp, however our information will be certain that every step will get totally defined with ease.

Pai Gow Poker


The primary goal of every participant on the Pai Gow desk is to rearrange their playing cards in two arms with the only real goal of beating the Banker’s arms. Every participant will get seven playing cards, of which they need to make two units – one in all 5 and a pair. The participant’s five-card hand and two-card hand ought to constantly rank greater than the Banker’s hand to win the spherical. If one hand ranks exactly the identical because the Banker’s hand, it’s thought of a tie (copies). The Banker thus wins all copy arms. The winner of the profitable hand will get extra money whereas the shedding hand loses all of the wagered cash.

Overview Of Enjoying Pai Gow

Let’s take a look at the overview of Pai Gow to know the idea of this recreation with ease. The sport includes 5 steps as follows:

Step 1: Setting A Price range

Gamers can get swept up within the warmth of the second; subsequently, it’s important to arrange a price range to keep away from any important monetary loss. Most seasoned gamblers perceive the results of going overboard. Thus setting a predetermined price range enables you to benefit from the recreation with out shedding a lot.

Step 2: Shopping for Chips

The next step earlier than beginning the sport is exchanging your cash for the chips. To get entry to the chips, place the cash on the desk. The supplier will then exchange the cash with the chips.

Step 3: Inserting Bets

Pai Gow requires gamers to position their bets inside a neatly marked chip circle on the desk. The supplier acknowledges everybody’s wager earlier than shifting ahead. After getting determined the quantity, place the chips contained in the ring. After each participant on the desk has positioned their wager, the supplier shakes the cube cup to seek out who receives the primary card on the desk.

Step 4: Arranging The Fingers

The supplier distributes seven playing cards per participant. After taking a look at these face-down playing cards, the gamers must kind two units – one hand of 5 playing cards and one other hand of the remaining two playing cards. This five-card hand is known as a rear hand, whereas the two-card hand is known as a entrance hand. The backhand of 5 playing cards ought to all the time have the best poker rating than the entrance hand.

Word: The 2-card hand will both represent a pair or no pair. In case your hand makes no pair, then the rating is totally primarily based on the numeric worth of every card with Aces excessive.

Step 5: Evaluating The Fingers

As soon as the participant has organized their hand, the supplier does the identical factor to match the arms. The supplier then visits every participant and compares the participant’s arms along with his personal. The outcomes of the comparability determine who wins.

Pai Gow Poker Hand Rating

Now that you’re clear with the fundamentals of the sport, you want to study the poker hand rating to win the sport. Primarily based on these hand rankings, a participant can prepare their seven playing cards to compete in opposition to the Banker.

5 Aces

If the set has 4 Aces and a Joker, then the hand is known as a 5 Aces hand. For instance- A-A-A-A-Joker, right here a Joker is taken into account as an Ace.

Royal Flush

The hand is a Royal Flush when a participant has an Ace-high five-card hand of the identical go well with in correct numerical sequence. For instance- 10-J-Q-Okay-A of the identical group like hearts, golf equipment, diamonds, or spades.

Straight Flush

A Straight Flush has 5 playing cards of an an identical go well with in an ascending numerical sequence. For instance- 4-5-6-7-8 of diamonds are thought of a Straight Flush.


A 4-of-a-kind occurs when you’ve gotten 4 playing cards of precisely equal rank. If the supplier and participant each have a four-of-a-kind hand, the cardboard with the best rank wins. For instance- 6-6-6-6 of diamonds, spades, golf equipment, and hearts might be known as a four-of-a-kind hand.

Full Home

If any participant will get three playing cards of the identical rank plus two totally different playing cards of the identical class, it’s known as a Full Home. For instance- If in case you have playing cards Okay-Okay-Okay-Okay-6-6, then it’s a Full Home.


A participant with any 5 playing cards of the identical go well with can take into account the hand a Flush. The numerical sequence doesn’t matter in common Flush. For instance- 2-5-8-7-Q of golf equipment might be known as a Flush hand.


A plain Straight occurs when a participant has 5 playing cards with ascending numerical sequence. Right here, the go well with of the hand is taken into account irrelevant. For instance- 3 clubs- 4 hearts- 5 hearts – 6 golf equipment – 7 spades.


If one has three playing cards of the identical rank, then it’s known as a Three-of-a-kind hand. For instance- 7-7-7 of spades generally is a good Three-of-a-kind hand.

Two Pair

You’ll be able to pair two totally different units of two playing cards which have an equal rank. For instance- 7-7 and 4-4 might be known as a Two Pair of arms.

One Pair

One Pair is essentially the most easy hand containing two playing cards of the identical rank. For instance- 4-4 of any go well with might be thought of One Pair of arms.

Excessive Card

A hand that doesn’t comprise a Flush, Straight, and Pair is known as a Excessive Card. The best card then ranks the hand. For instance- A-10-5-4-3 can simply beat Q-10-8-4-2 throughout the recreation of Pai Gow.

How To Play Pai Gow

As talked about earlier, Pai Gow is performed utilizing a regular 52 playing cards deck plus a joker. Six gamers can sit at one desk to play on the similar time. The Banker will deal the playing cards, and the remaining gamers must make a five-card “excessive” hand and a two-card “low” hand. Your excessive hand ought to all the time beat your decrease hand. For example, in case your little hand is a shining pair of sixes, your excessive hand needs to be higher than the Pair of sixes. The three potential outcomes from the dealt arms are:

● The participant has greater arms than the Banker’s arms and wins their wager. A participant can solely win the wager if each their arms beat the Banker’s arms.

● The Banker wins if each his arms are extra important than the participant. The Banker collects the cash from the participant as soon as the playing cards present a lesser denomination.

● The hand is a ‘push’ when a participant wins one hand, and the supplier wins one other. Throughout a tie, no coin alternate takes place.

Dealing The Sport

A Pai Gow Poker desk has an thrilling dealing methodology. The desk supplier shuffles the playing cards and locations seven playing cards face down in entrance of every participant. The supplier additionally places a set of seven playing cards for himself and discards the remainder of the 4 unused playing cards. All of the playing cards get handed out in a counterclockwise route. As soon as the supplier locations the brand new playing cards into the muck, the gamers can open their playing cards for the subsequent step.

Arranging Your Pai Gow Hand

The participant can create any commonplace poker hand rating for the five-card hand, however do not forget that the two-card hand can solely make a excessive hand or a pair hand. One should not assume that the five-hand card ought to all the time outrank the two-card hand. Gamers can use Joker to finish a Flush or Straight hand. In case your set doesn’t make these arms, you should utilize Joker as an Ace.

Pai Gow Showdown

As soon as the gamers have frolicked arranging their playing cards in two units, they should place these two units at their correct place on the desk. The 2-card hand will get positioned on the high whereas the five-card hand is positioned within the again. If a hand is ready inaccurately, then that specific hand is taken into account foul. The flip will get reset or fortified relying on the on line casino and home guidelines. If the on line casino is the Banker for the sport, they have to set the playing cards expertly in response to the home rule. But when a participant is the Banker, they’ve the liberty to pick out the hand in response to their will.

The place And How To Use The Joker

Most Pai Gow video games performed within the casinos have one Joker of their card deck. This Joker just isn’t thought of a wild card, however it may be a wonderful substitute in 3 ways:

● It may be thought to be any card to finish a Straight hand.

● It may be thought of as any card to finish a Flush hand.

● If the set doesn’t permit making a Straight of Flush hand, it may be used as an Ace.


Pai Gow is taken into account a comparatively honest recreation in comparison with different risk-taking and extremely difficult video games on the on line casino ground. All of the casinos take a tiny fee out of every participant’s winnings. So when a participant wins a wager of $200, they are going to obtain $190 revenue whereas the remaining goes to the on line casino. In most Pai Gow video games, the casinos cost a 5% fee behind every win. Gamers ought to take note of this 5% fee earlier than betting on the arms throughout Pai Gow Poker.

Pai Gow Poker Technique

The possibilities to win in a Pai Gow Poker match are extremely depending on how the playing cards are dealt for the reason that recreation doesn’t permit full-fledged betting rounds. Nevertheless, you’ve gotten a novel probability of profitable the sport in the event you study to rearrange the arms with precision. Just a few good Pai Gow Poker methods embody:

● Contemplate taking part in the best card along with your excessive hand when you have no Straight, Flush, or Pair in your set. Then place the next two highest playing cards in your two-card hand.

● Contemplate splitting the Aces throughout a high Two-Pair.

● It will assist in the event you tried splitting a Two Pair King when your different Pair is a deuce. You’ll be able to merge each the methods after which play the 2 highest remaining playing cards within the low hand.

Generally, gamers can face a dilemma after getting a set that may have a number of outcomes. It boils down to private desire, intestine feeling, or deep calculation of your probabilities throughout such a time.

For instance, in case you are handled a 4D- 5C-6S-7H-8H-2S-2C, it’s comparatively simple to kind two profitable arms by retaining a Straight for the underside hand and mixing the pair deuces for the low hand. However in case you are handled an 8D-8C-9D-9S-10S-JC-QH, then a participant wants to decide on between two choices:

1. Prime Hand: QH-JC-10S-9S-8D; Low Hand: 9D-8C

2. Prime Hand: 9D-9S-10S-JC-QH; Low Hand: 8D-8C

The primary possibility has a potential, strong high hand, whereas the second has a strong low hand. The primary hand will certainly assure a push, but it surely gained’t be the best choice in the event you take into account profitable. Thus, gamers may need to mentally plan such strikes and combos earlier than fixing each arms for profitable.

Pai Gow Poker Aspect Bets

Pai Gow is extraordinarily well-liked amongst many casinos and gamers alike due to its thrilling facet bets. These facet bets are a positive approach of profitable extra money whereas including further enjoyable to the unique recreation. Gamers are all the time betting on numerous outcomes in opposition to one another or the Banker. Many gamers wager on whether or not they are going to get a Full Home, Three-of-a-Form, 4-of-a-Form, Royal Flush, or a Straight Flush. The upper the hand, the higher the bonus payout. These little facet bets add a layer of revenue and pleasure for all of the gamers on the desk. Aspect bets extremely fluctuate from one on line casino to a different, so be certain that you examine their guidelines and tips earlier than betting on such bets. Just a few well-liked facet bets embody:

● Fortune Pai Gow

● Pai Gow Insurance coverage

● Emperor’s Problem

● Jokolor

● Progressive Pai Gow

● Fortunate 8’s

● Supplier Bonus

Pai Gow Payouts

The payout on this on line casino recreation may be very easy as in comparison with different poker video games. Gamers receives a commission 1:1 on their wager after beating the supplier’s hand. These gamers even have the choice to earn a bonus wager whereas taking part in. Often, the payouts are posted on the desk of your Pai Gow recreation, however most tables present the next charges:

● A 7-card Straight Flush and not using a Joker pays 8,000:1

● A Royal Flush plus two deuces often pay 2,000:1

● A 7-card Straight Flush with Joker pays 1,000:1

● 5 Aces in a hand pay 400:1

● A plain Royal Flush pays 150:1

● A Straight Flush pays 50:1

● 4-of-a-kind hand pays 25:1

● A Full Home often pays 5:1

● A fundamental Flush pays 4:1

● A Three-of-a-kind hand delivers 3:1

● Straight hand pays the bottom of two:1

Pai Gow Poker – Home Edge

Similar to all on line casino video games, even Pai Gow has a home edge, however the proportion is relatively low than different top-rated on line casino video games. Usually, you will see that the home edge to be someplace round 2.84%. On high of that, when a participant wins, they need to shed a 5% fee to the casinos.

Pai Gow Poker Ideas

Listed here are a couple of helpful Pai Gow poker suggestions which may turn out to be useful whereas growing your possibilities of profitable:

Financial institution As A lot As You Can

Banking is an important and worthwhile a part of any Pai Gow Poker recreation. You shouldn’t take it flippantly when taking part in in opposition to different gamers. Attempt to discover good tables and wager in opposition to different gamers as a lot as you may. Banking is an efficient approach of incomes cash from the gamers other than the cash from the home.

Dispose Of Your Joker Properly

Because the recreation requires you to make two arms, you’ve gotten two potential units the place a Joker can match properly. Most gamers use it to finish a Flush or Straight, however concentrate because it isn’t all the time worthwhile in each state of affairs.

Contemplate Making An Envy Wager

Gai Pow Envy bets are side-bets the place you’re betting that one other participant will hit a particular hand. For instance, you may wager that one other participant out of your desk will hit a Flush or Straight throughout the spherical. And when another gambler will get a hand of that very same rating, you robotically obtain an envy bonus. These bets often have smaller payouts, however a little bit is all the time higher than nothing.


We hope our Gai Pow information helped beginner gamers to grasp this recreation with nice element. Fret not in case you are nonetheless a little bit foggy on sure facets. With follow and a while, you’ll robotically grasp all the basics of Pai Gow. That is genuinely a slow-paced recreation that’s equally entertaining, however the further facet bets make the sport much more gratifying. Lastly, after absorbing the basics, you may study and devise nice methods of your personal to win.

Author: Charles Cox